Matter Management

In today’s modern legal practice it’s important to centralise all of your data and work with a practice management system that conforms with your unique workflows and practice standards.

Matter Centric

All information related to a matter is surfaced in a central location allowing you to see everything happening in every department for that matter.

From your matter view you can see:

  • Trust receipts & invoices
  • Time entries and financials
  • Every document, email task and communication
  • Upcoming court dates
  • Matter plan progress

Documents, Emails & Other Content

NebuLAW has integrated Netdocs, the highly regarded industry best document management system, so you can:

  • Open and save to Microsoft Office with a single click
  • Maintain limitless versions of each document
  • Get notified when changes are made to your documents
  • Preview documents inside your browser

Enterprise Grade Collaboration

Collaborate on matters, invoices, documents and emails. Improve your internal workflow and quickly share new ideas or notes on items your team is working on.

  • Realtime updates on changes
  • Invite your clients to participate through community portals
  • Discussions based on matters, hosted on the individual matter
  • Tag relevant staff in conversations they need to participate in
  • Create tasks for paralegals or support staff related to that matter

Security & Reliability

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NebuLAW Changelog

Rolling changelog for NebuLAW updates. Explore the latest product release notes for system requirements and supported platforms, new features, enhancements, resolved issues, and known issues.

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It’s Official: NebuLAW is Set for an Australian Launch in September

After being in closed development for the last two years, NebuLAW has been restricted to 200 fee earners from Australia’s most progressive law firms. We have made the fastest, cleanest, most straightforward and secure legal practice management system available in the modern cloud.

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